The Board of Directors has set up four committees to supervise specific areas or prepare cases for consideration by the full Board. As stipulated by Danish law, these committees are not authorised to make independent decisions, and they report regularly to the full Board. The committees have no influence on the Board's or the Executive Board's authority or responsibilities or the other Group companies’ authority and responsibilities under Danish company law.

The four committeesThe four committees

Duties Members No. of meetings in 2014
The Credit and Risk Committee serves in a consulting capacity regarding significant credit exposures and also reviews the credit quality of the Group's loan portfolio as well as special renewal applications and facilities.

The Committee also plays a consultative role on risk management and reviews the Group's risk management practices. 





Name                                    Number of meeting attended in 2014​
​Carol Sergeant ​6
Ole Andersen ​6
Urban Bäckström ​5

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