The Board of Directors has set up four committees to supervise specific areas or prepare cases for consideration by the full Board.

The Audit Committee examines accounting, auditing and security issues. These are issues that the Board, the Committee itself, the Group chief auditor or the external auditor thinks deserve attention before they are brought before the full Board.

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Meetings held in 2014: 8

Members                                    Meetings attended in 2014​
Jørn P. Jensen* 8
Carol Sergeant ​7
Trond Ø. Westlie ​8

* The full Board of Directors has appointed Jørn P. Jensen as the qualified member of the Audit Committee. Jørn P. Jensen's expertise in accounting and auditing is based on the following:

  • Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
  • Long career as CFO of Carlsberg Breweries, Carlsberg A/S, Nilfisk Advance A/S and Foss Electric A/S 
  • Chairman and member of various boards of directors

On the basis of these qualifications, the Board of Directors believes that Jørn P. Jensen can make an independent assessment of whether Danske Bank Group's financial reporting, internal controls, risk management and statutory audit are appropriately planned and performed in consideration of the Group's size and complexity.


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