The Board of Directors has set up four committees to supervise specific areas or prepare cases for consideration by the full Board.
The Audit Committee operates as a preparatory committee for the Board of Directors with respect to Danske Bank’s accounting and auditing matters, including related risk matters. This also includes issues that the Board, the Committee itself, the Chief Audit Executive or the external auditor believe require preparatory work before being brought to the full Board. 


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Current members
Jørn P. Jensen
Carol Sergeant
Lars-Erik Brenøe

Activities in 2015

In 2015, the Audit Committee performed the following key tasks:

  • Considered the financial reports 
  • Considered material accounting issues, including accruals and valuations based on estimates 
  • Considered the audit reports from internal and external audit and monitored implementation of audit recommendations 
  • Made recommendation regarding the appointment of the new Chief Audit Executive 
  • Carried out audit tender for the appointment of the external auditor 
  • Considered and approved audit plans 
  • Considered changes to the business procedure on additional audit services and non-audit services and monitored non-audit services and fees relating thereto 
  • Considered impairment procedures, accounting treatment of impairments as well as goodwill impairment test 
  • Considered accounting processes and internal controls 
  • Considered the plan for the anti-money laundering programme 
  • Monitored matters relating to compliance, whistleblowing and fraud risk management 
  • Considered the tax strategy and tax policy
  • Reviewed the organisational design of Danske Bank's finance function and the adequacy of the resources allocated to that function

Meetings held in 2015: 6

Meetings attended in 2015
Jørn P. Jensen: 6
Carol Sergeant: 5
Trond Westlie: 5

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