Board of Directors meetings

The Board of Directors met 14 times in 2015.


Name                                    Meetings attended in 2015
​Ole Andersen ​14
Kirsten Ebbe Brich ​14
​Urban Bäckström ​14
​Carsten Eilertsen ​14
​Lars Förberg ​14
​Jim Hagemann Snabe ​14
​Charlotte Hoffmann ​14
​Jørn P. Jensen ​12
​Steen Lund Olsen ​14
​Rolv Erik Ryssdal ​13
​Carol Sergeant ​12
​Trond Ø. Westlie ​11

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Board of Directors expertise
Since the Board of Directors operates as a collegiate body, its expertise is the sum of the individual members' qualifications. 

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Board of Directors remuneration
Directors receive a fixed fee and are not covered by the Group's incentive programmes.

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