All-Risk Committee

Danske Bank's All-Risk Committee consists of the members of the Executive Board and senior staff from selected business areas. Within the framework determined by the Board of Directors, the All-Risk Committee has overall responsibility for a number of duties.  

The main duties of the All-Risk Committee:

  • managing the overall balance sheet structure and setting of the balance sheet development policy
  • defining the overall funding structure
  • setting the general principles for measuring, managing and reporting the Group's risks, including market, credit, liquidity, and operational risks
  • monitoring the effects of new regulation on the Group's activities and risks
  • ensuring that the Group's risk management structure is robust and well functioning



  • Thomas F. Borgen
  • Gilbert Kohnke
  • Jacob Aarup-Andersen
  • Tonny Thierry Andersen
  • Lars Stensgaard Mørch
  • Jim Ditmore
  • Glenn Söderholm
  • Christoffer Møllenbach
  • Søren Kølle Christensen
  • Henrik Meinertz
  • Klaus Søndergaard




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