Executive Board

Photo of Thomas Borgen Thomas F. Borgen (1964), hired in 1997

Chief Executive Officer

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Photo of Tonny Thierry Andersen Tonny Thierry Andersen (1964), hired in 1999

Head of Wealth Management

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Photo of Lars Stensgaard Mørch Lars Stensgaard Mørch (1972), hired in 1999

Head of Business Banking

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Photo of Glenn Söderholm Glenn Söderholm (1964), hired in 1998

Head of Corporates & Institutions

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Jesper Nielsen (1968), hired in 1996

Head of Personal Banking

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Photo of Jacob Aarup-Andersen Jacob Aarup-Andersen (1977), hired in 2012

Chief Financial Officer

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Photo of Jim Ditmore Jim Ditmore (1960), hired in 2014

Chief Operating Officer 

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Photo of Gilbert Kohnke Gilbert Kohnke (1958), hired in 2015

Group Chief Risk Officer

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About the Executive Board

Appointed by the Board of Directors
The members of the Executive Board are appointed by the Board of Directors. The Executive Board reports and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, and it carries out specific directives issued by the Board of Directors.

Key duties and responsibilities

  • Performing day-to-day management of the Group at the highest level
  • Approving significant business transactions, including credit applications up to a certain level
  • Setting policies for and supervising the Group's risk management
  • Ensuring sound bookkeeping and asset management


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