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Expert advice in a complex world

To say that the world is changing rapidly is a cliché. But more than ever before, it seems a fitting description of reality. It has never been more important for both companies and individuals to be able to see and seize the opportunities that arise, while still maintaining an overview to minimize risks.

Our customers must have the best opportunities to make the right financial decisions – whether it is a question of major business investments or minor everyday financial decisions.

In recent years, personal banking customers’ use of the branch network has changed significantly. As the number of customers who use the eBanking system and our mobile and tablet solutions increases, the number of teller transactions has fallen steadily. At the same time, many people are leaving rural areas to move to the cities.

These developments are leading us to close teller service at a number of branches and merge many branches with advisory services in the next few years. We will also build around 80 new advisory centres with a new design across our markets. These centres will offer personal customers expert advisory services from specialists in all aspects of personal finance. We will develop our employees’ competencies on an ongoing basis so that they can fully accommodate customers’ needs for expert, proactive advisory services.

Because of the complexity of society, business customers have an increasing need for advanced financial advice based on the individual company’s specific challenges. In the future, we will therefore strengthen our advisory competencies and solutions in four general areas: Risk Solutions, Cash Management, Trade Finance and lending.

This means that we will place greater emphasis on training our advisers and developing the advisory tools we use in dialogue with customers, among other things. One example is Danske Navigator, a unique risk management tool.

Better understanding of the consequences of strategic decisions
Danske Navigator gives customers an overview of the short-term and long-term consequences of strategic initiatives on their company’s cash flow, capital structure and financial strength. Danske Navigator simulates the consequences of changes in financial parameters that affect a company’s key figures, for example a change in ownership or new input prices. In this way, we seek to give customers the best possible basis for decisions on impending initiatives and investments. 


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