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We meet and interact with our customers allowing them seamless navigation and connectivity regardless of time or place.
We live in a digitalised society. Both businesses and individuals want to manage more and more of their daily business digitally, quickly and easily, around the clock. That is also true of banking business. This opens a world of opportunities for both us and our customers. We will therefore continue to set high standards for where and how we interact with customers on the digital and mobile platforms.

Around 40% of our eBanking customers already use mobile or tablet banking. We therefore continue to develop our mobile and tablet banking services so that they are simple and easy to use and so that we can offer additional products and services where customers use them.

An increasing number of our business customers are also requesting flexible digital solutions. We are therefore also giving them access to the eBanking system through mobile devices so that it is easy and convenient for them to manage business banking transactions on the go.

Mobile access to eBanking and Business Online for business customers
Danske Bank has introduced mobile access to online business banking and Business Online. With a mobile app, business customers can always use the key eBanking functions such as approving payments, setting up transfers and viewing their company’s transactions.

In recent years, Danske Bank has developed a strong contact centre that provides customers with advice by phone around the clock, every day of the year. In order to give customers even more flexibility in their daily lives, we will now introduce online meetings with bank advisers.

Online advisory meetings at customers' convenience
The online advisory meetings allow both personal and business customers to book appointments for online meetings with an adviser when they have time, such as in the evening and on weekends. New features also enable the adviser and the customer to share documents, calculations or illustrations on the screen as though they were sitting across from each other in a branch office.

At Danske Bank, you can sign many banking documents digitally. Today, customers sign more than half of the documents that can be signed digitally directly in the eBanking system. We expect this figure to grow steadily, since many customers see the advantages of avoiding a trip to the bank or the post office. For the same reason, we keep developing new ways to sign banking documents and agreements digitally.

Last but not least, we are introducing, as the first stage of a larger initiative, a new consumption overview in eBanking, mobile banking and tablet banking so that customers can get a convenient overview of their spending.

Visual online tool offers a better overview of personal spending
With a visual consumption overview in the eBanking system, customers can keep track of their personal spending patterns by computer, mobile or tablet. By means of simple charts and other visual aids, customers can easily see how their expenditures break down into categories such as food, clothing and petrol. The tool does not only provide an overview of the available balance and recent transactions, but it also gives an understanding of the customer’s overall finances. For example, it contains a budget module that makes it easy to draft a personal budget and set targets for savings.


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