Vision and missionVision and mission

We have also developed a new vision and mission to serve as guideposts for our new strategy. They concern setting new standards and restoring the trust of customers and shareholders in the Bank.

Vision: Most trusted financial partner
To become one of the best banks in the Nordic region, we must have the trust of our customers, investors and society at large. The vision is therefore “Recognised as the most trusted financial partner”. That is the new overall objective that Danske Bank will work to achieve.

Mission: Setting new standards in financial services
The mission is “Setting new standards in financial services”. In order to become the most trusted financial partner, we must set new standards  for banking operations that benefit our customers, investors, society and our own organisation. New standards will therefore be at the core of everything we do in the future.
The Group will focus on setting new standards in four areas: Advisory services & solutions, Customer interaction, Transparency & financial strength, and Responsibility.


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