Initiatives for teachers

Schools and teachers play a major role in educating the next generation of consumers to manage their personal finances as adults. It is therefore important that teachers feel prepared to include financial literacy in their teaching. For that reason, we have launched a number of initiatives to strengthen children’s and young people’s understanding of and interest in money and personal finance.

Initiatives for teachers 




Moneyville is a fun game in which children from 5 to 9 can gain a basic understanding of money. In the game, they can earn money and decide themselves whether to spend it or save it. In collaboration with the Danish Association of Mathematics Teachers, we have also developed material that teachers can use for instruction from the kindergarten to the third class level.

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Control Your Money

It is now a requirement that schools educate children in personal finance, and our research also shows that 80% of young people want to learn more about money in school. We have therefore developed Control Your Money, an online game that teachers can use to teach 10-15 year-olds about financial matters. The game is already used in a number of schools.

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Control Your Money  

Is instruction in personal finance relevant?

We have researched teachers’ attitudes towards teaching personal finance and what teachers see as the biggest challenges in teaching the subject.

Survey of maths teachers and teaching (PDF)

of the 10-15 year olds think it would be interesting to learn more about money in school.


Of math teachers agree that Control Your Money enhances students' understanding of personal finance.

Believes that Moneyville contributes to children's financial literacy.

Users visited finansielforstå in 2013

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Initiatives developed in collaboration with experts

The Moneyville og Control Your Money initiatives were developed in collaboration with day care personnel, child psychologists, and other experts in learning, and they do not have advertising or logos.

Kuno Sørensen

”The material gives kids aged 5-9 a good and fundamental introduction to the concept of money. At the same time it is both funny and entertaining. It is laudable that Danske Bank has chosen to invest in this learning material, without making it a matter of marketing towards the children”.

- Kuno Sørensen, Psychologist, Save the Children

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