Customers, employees, politicians, suppliers, public authorities, the media and citizens have diverse attitudes towards and expectations of Danske Bank Group. We recognise the need to consider all facts and viewpoints in order to make the best possible decision in the interests of our customers and other stakeholders - and thus of our business.

In our daily work on corporate responsibility, we encounter cases that present dilemmas and require careful consideration. In this section, we give examples of these dilemmas and some insight into what we mean by a responsible business.


Forældre og barn

When does the responsible investor withdraw?

By making demands, an investor can cause positive changes, but how long should a dialogue about improvements go on?

Mind Your Money

Is supplier screening worthwhile?

We want to place requirements on our suppliers. But how much can you demand before it becomes too time-consuming and problematic for the suppliers?

Digitalisation = Accessibility?

Digitalisation has many advantages, but some customers may need help with the transition.

Do advisers sell products or give advice?

It is of course essential for both customers and the Bank that they can rely on our integrity.

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Oil sands

In November 2012, we joined a coalition of 49 investors that called on Canadian oil sands developers to reduce the environmental and social impact of their operations

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More dilemmas

All areas of corporate responsibility present dilemmas. For example, is it ethically sound to make "green" investements when we also want to give our customers a competitive return?

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