Ethical advice

Danske Bank Group offers a wide range of financial products to many different customers. Some financial products are complex, and the customer's choices may have considerable financial consequences. This is why we base our advisory services on our customers' needs.

Advisory services 
Retail customers do not need the same type of advice as large companies. Similarly, there are special requirements for advice in specific product areas.

In several of the countries in which we operate, legislation imposes requirements on the advisory services provided by financial institutions. Danske Bank Group of course complies with all relevant legislation, but we also strive to apply best practices – irrespective of geography. Our shared IT platform supports this strategy as it ensures the same high level of service and competencies in all markets and product areas.

Several channels
Danske Bank Group serves some 3.5 million banking customers, and they all need competent and reliable service. We offer advisory services through a network of branches, finance centres and agricultural centres. Read more about Danske Bank Group's profile on About us.

Business procedures
We have implemented a number of business procedures to ensure that the advice we provide is always ethically correct. The Audit Department checks that staff comply with these procedures. Furthermore, all employees must comply with our Code of conduct and our Stakeholder policy.

Responsibility policy
We strive to conduct business on the basis of customers’ needs in a profitable and sustainable manner.

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Corporate Responsibility Report 2015
Download Danske Bank Group's latest report on Corporate Responsibility.

 Read the Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 

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