Diversity and inclusion

At Danske Bank Group, we want to be an attractive workplace for everyone with the right competencies. We see diversity as a prerequisite for maintaining a healthy and innovative working environment and believe it is important to cultivate a staff as diverse as possible, without attaching any specific importance to gender, ethnic background, nationality, sexual orientation, religion and age.

We believe that diversity is a strength that helps to ensure the Group's access to the most talented employees. We therefore work deliberately to promote diversity.

For us, inclusiveness means that various groups of employees can pursue their careers without meeting cultural or organisational barriers. We have already achieved much in this regard, but we recognise that we still have some work ahead of us. For example, we want to have more female managers.

In our Corporate Responsibility Report 2015​ you can see our latest performance.

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Volunteer debt advisers

Danske Bank advisers participate in an initiative in Denmark to help people with debt problems manage their finances.

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Women in management

The Group works to increase the number of women in management and on boards of directors.

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