Environmental objectives

The Group's environmental efforts focus on the areas where we have identified the biggest impact. In 2007, the Group implemented a climate strategy that led to the achievement of carbon neutrality in December 2009. The Group reached carbon neutrality through reductions in energy consumption and investments in carbon credit every year since 2009. 


Electricity consumption

​Goals and activities 2013 ​Status 2013
​Reduce the Group's electricity consumption by 30% from 2009 to 2014. ​In 2013, the total reduction in the Group's electricity consumption since 2009 amounted to 28%.

​Reduce electricity consumption by 10% in Sweden from the 2012 level.

​Electricity consumption in Sweden was reduced by 6% from the 2012 level.

Air travel

​Goals and activities 2013 ​Status

​Set a new reduction taget for CO2 emissions from air travel.

​The initiative was postponed.                                       


​Goals and activities 2013 ​Status
​Continue to increase the number of ecolabelled products.

​The number of ecolabelled products increased from 32 in 2012 to 52 in 2013.



​Goals and activities 2013 ​Status
​Initiate waste heat recovery project at the Haaga business premises. ​The project was postponed until 2014 because of lack of resources.                 


GHG emissions

​Goals and activities 2013 ​Status
​10% reduction in GHG emissions in Ireland from the 2012 level. ​GHG emissions in Ireland were reduced 72%.                                

Energy consumption

​Goals and activities 2013 ​Status
10% reduction of energy consumption (total kWh) in Northern Ireland from the 2012 level.​ ​Because of the refurbishment of office buildings in Belfast, energy consumption increased by 2.7%.                 


​Objectives for environment 2014
  • ​Reduce the Group's electricity consumption by 30% from 2009 to 2014.
  • ​Initiate waste heat recovery project at the Haaga business premises in Finland.
  • ​Launch an internal environmental awareness campaign in Norway, with quarterly updates on Intranet.
  • ​Reduce paper consumption in Lithuania by 5% from the 2013 level.
  • ​Achieve 10% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland compared with the 2013 level.
  • ​Reduce electricity consumption in Sweden by 10% from the 2012 level by 2015.
  • ​Reduce electricity consumption per employee (MWh/FTE) in Lithuania by 3% from the 2013 level.
  • ​Achieve 15% reduction in energy consumption in Ireland compared with the 2013 level.
​Please see our Corporate Responsibility 2014 report for an overview of our performance in relation to the objectives set for 2014.

Last updated on 3 February 2015

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