Internal controls

As a financial business, Danske Bank Group employs extensive internal control measures. The Group uses a large amount of resources for management, reporting and control.

Danish law sets forth a number of requirements for internal management in financial businesses. There must be sound risk management and effective internal auditing, among other things.

Important issues of internal control

Risk and capital management

We have a centralised risk management function, and its capital management is based on our financial objectives.

Financial management

Danske Bank Group aims to match best practices in financial management.

Internal audit

As a financial business, we have an internal audit department whose head reports directly to the Board of Directors.


We have a function to assist the management in ensuring that the Group complies with laws, regulations and ethical standards.

Money laundering

Danske Bank Group tries to diminish money laundering in cooperation with the authorities.


Danske Bank Group gives employees the opportunity to report irregularities through the whistleblower system.


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