Hybrid capitalHybrid capital

Danske Bank finances its activities partly by issuing bonds with medium and long maturities in various markets and currencies. The issues vary in size depending on whether they are private placements or issues listed on an exchange.

Issues of hybrid capitalIssues of hybrid capital

State-funded hybrid Capital - Download loan agreements from the Danish state

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Hybrid (Tier 1) capital
Securities code Currency Amount
Coupon (%) Issued Matures Call
US236363AA58 USD 750 5.914 15.06.2004 Perpetual 16.06.2014
 XS0214342569 GBP 150 5.563 16.03.2005 Perpetual 16.03.2017
 XS0279056419 GBP 500 5.684 15.12.2006 Perpetual 15.02.2017
 XS0286467989 SEK 1,350 3-mo. STIBOR + 65 bp. p.a. 15.02.2007 Perpetual 15.02.2017
 XS0287195233 EUR 600 4.878 15.02.2007 Perpetual 15.05.2017
 XS0286467559 SEK 650 5.119 15.02.2007 Perpetual 15.08.2017
 DK0030170444 DKK 23,992 9.538 11.05.2009 Perpetual 11.04.2014
 XS1044578273 ​EUR ​750 ​5.75 ​12.03.2014 Perpetual​ ​06.04.2020



  Last updated on 12 March 2014

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