Funding plan

As part of the liquidity and funding strategy, Danske Bank prepares and maintains a funding plan. The funding plan describes the current funding structure and the expected required funding given the business strategy.

Danske Bank operates within the international funding markets. In addition to deposits, the primary funding sources are medium-term senior unsecured funding and long-term covered bond issuances. The Group also obtains funding in the form of certificates of deposit and commercial paper.

The funding plan ensures a stable funding structure within the Group’s risk appetite. It provides for a funding platform that is diversified across investors, products and currencies. Danske Bank operates primarily in the euro market and the various domestic Nordic markets, but it is able to source funding in a number of countries and currencies.

Mortgage finance activities
Realkredit Danmark's activities are funded by the issuance of mortgage bonds. You can read about the bonds at Realkredit Danmark's website.

Last updated on 2 February 2017

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Capital Requirement Directive
The Capital Requirements Directive is an EU directive regulating the capital adequacy of banks and financial institutions. Find out how it affects Danske Bank.

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