Financial targetsFinancial targets

Danske Bank has these targets for return on equity, rating, capital and dividends for 2015.

Financial targets

  Target End-Q1 2015​ Comments
Return on equity Above 12.5% long-term;*
9.5% in 2015
​13.2% Initiatives progressing as planned
Ratings A ratings;
S&P rating outlook improved to stable in 2015
In progress. In March 2015 Moody's placed our ratings under review for a potential upgrade
Common equity tier 1 ratio Minimum 13%;
around 14% in 2015 
​14.1% ​Met at end-2012
Total capital ratio Minimum 17%;
well above 17% in 2015
​18.4% ​Met at end-2012
Dividend payment Payout of 40-50% of net profit ​43% of net profit for 2014 ​Met with 2015 payments
* 2018 at the latest.

Last updated on 30 April 2015

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