Financial targetsFinancial targets

In late 2012, Danske Bank announced its "New Standards" strategy. As a part of the strategy, the Group also set financial targets for 2015.

The table below shows the Group's targets for return on equity, rating, capital, liquidity, expenses and dividends.

Financial targets
  End-Q2 2014 Target Comments
Return on equity 9.2% 9% in 2015
Above 12% long-term
Initiatives progressing as planned
Ratings S&P/Moody's/
Improve ratings by at least one notch in 2015 In progress, upgrade from S&P in April 2014
Common equity tier 1 ratio 14.4% Minimum 13% by the end of 2013 ​Met at end-2012
Total capital ratio 18.6% Minimum 17% by the end of 2013 ​Met at end-2012
Nominal costs H1: DKK 11bn Below DKK 23bn in 2015 Initiatives progressing as planned
C/I ratio 50.8% Under 50% in 2015 ​Initiatives progressing as planned
Dividend payment 28% of net profit for 2013 About 40% of annual net profit, although lower until we have reached the capital and ratings targets ​On track

Last updated on 24 July 2014

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