Business objectives

In Danske Bank Group, we want long-term relationships with our customers that create value for both parties. Customers must always be treated professionally, according to their individual needs. We aim to provide easy access for all our customers and clearly defined prices, fees and terms for our products. We also wish to manage the social, ethical and environmental risks in our investment universe and across our supply chain.

Payment reform

​Goals and activities 2013 ​Status 2013
​Continue to raise awareness of the Payment Reform Programme in Ireland.  We promoted awareness of the programme ​in targeted information campaigns, events and direct customer contact.           

Responsible sourcing

Goals and activities 2013             

Status 2013                                             

Begin implementation of a process for handling high-risk suppliers.

The objective was postponed until 2014 because we wish to re-evaluate the screening process for suppliers.   

 Develop a self-assessment questionnaire for screening suppliers.

The objective was postponed until 2014 because we wish to re-evaluate the screening process for suppliers.                                                        


​Goals and activities 2013 ​Status 2013
​Roll out "Step-by-step" meetings for senior citizens in NI, IRL and FIN. Step-by-step was launched in Finland and piloted in two branches in Northern Ireland. The launch in Ireland was cancelled.
​Develop an eBanking version with simplified user interface for increased accessibility.

​The eBanking version with simplified user interface will be launched in February 2014.


Advisory service

​Goals and activities 2013 ​Status 2013
​Develop financial advisory service for tenants in DK.

​The project was closed in 2013 because  other projects took priority.          


Responsible lending

​Goals and activities 2013 ​Status 2013

​Launch environmental, social and ethical risk policy with separate guidelines for sensitive sectors and industries.

​A working group was established, and the first sector policies were drafted.                                      

Responsible investment

​Goals and activities 2013 ​Status 2013

​Develop and implement procedure that excludes sovereign bonds from countries with an increased risk of systematic human rights violations.

​We successfully implemented the procedure.                                             


​Goals and activities 2014
  • ​Raise awareness of alternative payment options (using cash management tools) among customers and other key stakeholders, including the media, in Ireland.
  • ​Roll out Step-by-step meetings for senior citizens in Northern Ireland
  • ​Develop additional credit guidelines for sensitive sectors.
  • ​Initiate a review of our responsible sourcing model and determine how to improve the processes.
  • ​Raise awareness and train customers in Denmark in using the simplified eBanking solution
​Please see our Corporate Responsibility 2014 report for an overview of our performance in relation to the objectives set for 2014.


Last updated on 3 February 2015

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