Danske Bank Group has a wide range of policies to ensure that we realise our ambitions and goals.

Overview of policiesOverview of policies

Responsibility policy

We strive to conduct business on the basis of customers’ needs in a profitable and sustainable manner.
Stakeholder policy

Danske Bank Group offers financial solutions targeting the individual needs of our stakeholders.

HR policies

We offer our staff good and attractive employment conditions and actively try to promote their job satisfaction.

Code of conduct

Danske Bank Group has guidelines regarding customer service, employee behaviour and corruption and bribery.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The policy sets out the elements in diversity and inclusion indicating our overall aim, and specifies the focus areas.

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The supplier policy is intended as the foundation for a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain.

Remuneration policy  
The remuneration policy for the Board of Directors and the Executive Board reflects the objectives of a sound governance process.

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