Climate and our business

The climate challenge is becoming an increasingly important condition that financial services companies must take into account in their business – both the risks and opportunities it presents. At Danske Bank Group, we aim to take advantage of the opportunities in our business and also take into consideration the risks that are becoming evident.

The Group’s pursuit of these opportunities includes developing a green policy for corporate car leasing, trading in carbon allowances and providing information to customers that promotes climate-friendly homes.

We have also developed an investing initiative in which we identify attractive companies that are well prepared to meet the climate challenge. We consider climate opportunities and risks in our industry research as well, thus giving them an influence on our credit granting. For example, the EU’s carbon allowance regulations have a strong effect on energy-intensive industries. If rising expenses for the purchase of carbon allowances cannot be passed on to customers, the regulations will result in lower earnings and credit quality.

Investing in climate
Danske Bank has developed several investment products focused on renewable energy and climate.

Climate strategy
Our climate strategy outlines our approach to reducing consumption in our business and through our products.

Read the climate strategy
Corporate Responsibility Report 2015
Download Danske Bank Group's latest report on Corporate Responsibility.

 Read the Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 

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