Financial literacy

At Danske Bank Group we believe that a higher level of financial literacy and education not only enriches the life of the individual but also contributes to healthy economic growth in the society. Consumers with financial knowledge and healthy personal finances help raise competition, innovation and product quality in the financial markets by challenging us to develop better and more efficient products and solutions.

In 2007, the Group began developing advisory services, educational materials, online games, events and presenation materials to stimulate financial skills and knowledge. We also develop surveys and analyses on an ongoing basis to gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to financial literacy.

Furthermore, we seek to promote financial literacy through locally based acitivities in the countries where we operate and through our participation in international knowledge-sharing networks. 

Financial Literacy Programme

Our initiatives for children include websites where children can gain financial knowledge through play and exercises.
Young people

Initiatives for young people include the financial game Dream On, the Mind Your Money online universe, and much more.

Initiatives for teachers include a website with educational materials and ideas on how to teach financial literacy.

Initiatives for parents include a website and tools to facilitate dialogue on money and finances with their children.

Read more about why Danske Bank launched the Financial Literacy Programme.

Math Centre

In January 2012, Danske Bank Group signed a sponsorship agreement with the Math Centre.

Responsibility and our strategy

As a bank, we have a big responsibility, not only to our customers but also to society, to contribute to financial stability and the economy.


We want to pursue research on the most important financial literacy challenges that selected target groups in our markets are facing.

See financial literacy research


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