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At Danske Bank, we live off our financial knowledge. Our success depends on how well we can apply our professional knowledge for our customers and society. For that reason we are placing knowledge at the core of our Corporate Responsibility work through the Financial Literacy Programme.

In particular, we wish to show our commitment to sharing our knowledge by raising the level of financial literacy in the communities where we work. Consumers with high financial literacy help raise competition, innovation and product quality in the financial markets by challenging us to develop better and more efficient products and solutions. Our studies show that many people – including children, youths, students and parents – can benefit from improving their financial literacy. The Financial Literacy Programme therefore targets children, young people, parents and teachers with the aim of preparing the ground for a healthy financial start to adult life.

Financial literacy
Since the launch of Moneyville for 5-7 year olds in 2008, we have expanded the Financial Literacy Programme by developing several new initiatives: 

  • Expansion of the Moneyville website so that the learning universe encompasses the 5-9 year-old age group. In 2013, Moneyville was expanded further and developed for mobile and tablet.
  • Control Your Money, an interactive website aimed at 10-15 year olds.
  • Dream On, a social online game intended for 15-17 year olds.
  • Teaching Financial Literacy, a website with the objective of motivating and preparing teachers to teach financial skills.
  • "0-18", a website for parents about children and money.
  • Presentations for lower and upper secondary schools on managing personal finance.
  • Partnerships and a sponsorship agreement with the Maths Centre. 

We continue to roll out the financial literacy initiatives at our business units outside Denmark and share our knowledge in all our markets through presentations and local events.

 Moneyville children

Financial literacy research
The Group wishes to pursue research on the most important financial literacy challenges faced by selected target groups in all our markets.

Read about research on financial literacy

Corporate Responsibility Report 2015
Download Danske Bank Group's latest report on Corporate Responsibility.

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