Danske Bank Group wishes to pursue research on the most important financial literacy challenges that selected target groups in our markets are facing. This will ensure that we base all activities developed in the Financial Literacy Programme on actual financial challenges of the target groups. It also ensures that our activities are relevant to all markets where the Group operates.

We have therefore commissioned market research institutes to conduct a range of surveys on financial literacy in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Northern Ireland. Lithuania and Estonia.

Download surveys

Parents of 5-9 year olds
10-15 year olds

Is it interesting for a 13-year-old pupil to learn about finance in school? 

 Survey of 10-15 year olds (2.6 MB)

15-17 year olds and their parents

Do young people aged 15 to 17 years see any relation between their dreams and their personal finances? Do their parents?

Survey of 15-17 year olds (2.5 MB)


18-19 year olds and their parents

What is the level of financial literacy in 19 year olds? Read the survey here.

 Survey of 18-19 year olds (0.9 MB)

Students with and without children

How do students with and without children manage their personal finances? Learn about the differences here.

 Survey of student parents (0.2 MB) 

Mathematics teachers

Is is relevant to teach personal finance? See the teachers' opinions.

Survey of teachers' opinions (2.2 MB)

18-27 year olds

What do young people know about personal finance and to what extent are they interested in personal finance?

 Survey of 18-27 year olds (3.4 MB)

Control Your Money tested by teachers

A study shows that 98% of teachers would recommend the online universe Control Your Money to their colleagues.

Control Your Money survey (1.7 MB)

Information for parents

For parents about children and money - targeted at different age groups.

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Download Danske Bank Group's latest report on Corporate Responsibility.

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