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Teaching children basic financial skills can help them become more responsible with money. As part of our initiatives to improve financial literacy among young people, Danske Bank Group has developed Moneyville, a fun, educational website for 5-9 year olds. Moneyville is entirely free of marketing, logos, colour schemes and the like that could be associated with the Danske Bank Group.


Even young children can learn basic lessons about money. They see their parents using money and buying things every day, and from an early age they are also saving, buying and earning money on their own.

About the game
In Moneyville, 5-9 year olds can learn about the value of money, about earning and saving, about prioritising their spending, and about making income and expenses balance. While playing, children complete various fun, educational tasks to earn money and make their own decisions about how they want to spend or save it. When they have finished playing the game, they receive a diploma.

Children can enjoy playing Moneyville on their own, but we encourage parents to introduce the game to them and discuss it with them. The parents’ section provides tips and advice on how to teach children about money.

Moneyville's success continues
In 2013, Moneyville reached 5,600,000 users, and in Lithuania the programme was expanded to include an exercise book that was sent to every school in the country. For the third consecutive year in Lithuania, Moneyville was complemented by the "Explore the Bank" project in which children visit the bank, meet the staff and are introduced to banking activities and the history of money.

In 2013, Moneyville had more than 2.7 million log-ins, and an average of 4.31 log-ins per visitor.

For an update on our performance incl. number os users of Moneyville please visit our Corporate Responsibility Fact Book 2014.

 Moneyville Pengeby

Moneyville for Iphone and tablet
Many users of Moneyville have shown interest in app versions of the game for tablets and Iphone. In November 2013 Moneyville was launched for IOS devices. In addition the game was updated with a new features, the Farm Game, which is designed to strengthen childrens basic math skills.

The Moneyville app has been available for download in AppStore since November 2013. By March 2014 the app had already been downloaded more than 150.000 times.

Teaching material included

To accompany the website, we have also developed teaching materials for pupils aged 5 to 7 and pupils aged 8 and 9. The material is of course adapted to the school curriculum.

In developing Moneyville, we drew upon the knowledge of experts in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Estonia to ensure its appropriateness and educational relevance for the intended age group.

Jerome Morrissey, Director, NCTE:

“Young people have an affinity with technology which is highly interactive and individual. In Moneyville we have a quality learning environment that utilises interactive resources to facilitate the development of financial literacy and independent learning skills. I am pleased to support the development of a digital learning resource for children that compares favourably in terms of quality with commercial recreational products.”

Read endorsements from other experts about the website.



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Learn more

Parent materials

We have developed inspirational material for parents to use with their children.

Download parent materials

Teaching materials

As a supplement to our website, the Group has developed educational materials for the primary classes that are adapted to the schools' teaching plans.

 Download teaching materials


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