Read the endorsements below from the external experts who participated in the development of the websites: pengeby (Danmark), Moneyville (National Irish Bank), Moneyville (Northern Bank), Pengeby (Fokus Bank) and Penningborg (Danske Bank Sweden).

Kuno Sørensen, Psychologist, Save the Children

Kuno Sørensen“The website Moneyville is the result of a very impressive work. The material gives kids aged 5-9 a good and fundamental introduction to the concept of money. At the same time it is both funny and entertaining. It is laudable that Danske Bank has chosen to invest in this learning material, without making it a matter of marketing towards the children.”

Lene Christensen, Chairman of the Danish Mathematics Teachers Association

”The Danish Mathematics Teachers Association contributes with our primary competence – teaching expertise. We support the project because we believe that children and young people need to be financial literate. Children’s and young people’s relationship to money is more abstract today than before, and this may be due to the increased use of credit cards. I believe it is healthy for children and young people to learn more about personal finance.” 

Jill Black, Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment, Northern Ireland

“In a fun, interactive way, the activities in Moneyville will help children at foundation stage and key stage 1 begin to learn about the value of money and the importance of saving.  Moneyville helps the child understand that money comes from various sources and can be used for various purposes. As well as being fun for children, this resource also gives both parents and teachers ideas for encouraging financial confidence from an early age and enabling learning both at home and in the classroom.”

Ulla Öberg, Swedish Mathematics Teachers Association

“The game can be the starting point for fundamental considerations about the value of money, achievement and financial priorities. As a teacher or  parent, if you use the game for further discussion, you will have a good starting point for valuable lifelong learning.”

Svein Torkildsen, Secretary General, LAMIS 

Svein Torkildsen“Financial knowledge must be on the agenda. LAMIS supports the learning principles in the initiative. We support the project because we believe children and young people need a better understanding of numbers. It is a precondition for a healthy relationship to money. Children’s and young people’s understanding of money is much more abstract today than it was earlier, which might be due to the increased use of credit cards. LAMIS believes that learning about money and personal finance can be one of several good ways to get a better understanding and feeling for numbers.” 

Jerome Morrisey, Director, National Centre for Technology in Education, Republic of Ireland 

Jerome Morrisey"Young people have an affinity with technology which is highly interactive and individual. In Moneyville we have a quality learning environment that utilises interactive resources to facilitate the development of financial literacy and independent learning skills. I am pleased to support the development of a digital learning resource for children that compares favourably in terms of quality with commercial recreational products." 

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The Group wishes to pursue research on the most important financial literacy challenges that selected target groups in all our markets face.

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