Young people

According to surveys, there is a large difference between what young people think they know about personal finance and what they actually know. But Danske Bank Group’s surveys also show that most young people want to know much more about money and personal finance.

This is why the Group has developed the Dream On game and the Mind Your Money website for young people. The primary target group for Dream On is the 15-17 year olds, and Mind Your Money is aimed at the 18-27 year olds. But irrespective of age, all young people can benefit and learn from both initiatives, and the age limits should not be seen as too fixed.

Initiatives for young people

Mind Your Money

The website offers an educational and entertaining experience that helps young adults achieve important personal goals.

Dream On

The purpose of Dream On is to stimulate young people’s interest in and knowledge about personal finances.

Financial literacy research

The Group wishes to pursue research on the most important financial literacy challenges faced by selected target groups in all our markets.

Read about research on financial literacy

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