Competency development

At Danske Bank Group, we consider the ongoing development of our employees' personal and professional competencies essential if we are to meet the requirements of our customers, both now and in the future.

All jobs at Danske Bank Group have a job profile specifying their competency requirements, and our competency assessment tools enable all employees to identify their training and educational needs. Whether the need is for advanced, specialist or management training, we will ensure, together with our employees, that their competencies always match our requirements and expectations.

We made changes in the Group's competency and development programmes in 2013 to ensure that there were relevant learning opportunities for both employees and managers. New opportunities and training programmes for employees in all countries were added to the online learning facilities.

To ensure a consistently high standard for customer experience in all our markets and channels, Personal Banking staff received training in the Danske Meeting model. They also completed another mandatory programme to improve customer service called "License to operate". The training covered anti-money laundering procedures and the Group's Code of Conduct. 

We launched a new Group-wide eLearning course to train new managers. The course included conventional courses as well as eLearning modules. The aim of the training was to give managers the tools and skills to develop an efficient, high-performance organisation, to manage change, and to empower employees to create value.      

Working smarter 
More and more customers are using of our online services and now make most transactions themselves. The puts greater demands on advisers to provide expert knowledge suited to the individual customer's needs.

For this reason, we continue to invest in competency development and eLearning course offerings. In 2013, employees attended around 17,256 full-day courses, not counting external courses and degree programmes.


Last updated on 6 February 2014​
Volunteer debt advisers

Our advisers participate in an initiative in Denmark to help people with debt problems manage their finances.

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