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Every year, the Group conducts a survey to ascertain the satisfaction, motivation and loyalty of all its employees. The purpose of the survey, which is based on a European model known as the European Employee Index, is to identify the need for HR efforts in the coming years. When the scores do not meet expectations, the local managers – supported by the R staff – must initiate activities to improve employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction survey 2013
Despite the negative effects of the financial crisis on our employees' daily working lives and a comprehensive reorganisation of the business, employee satisfaction and motivation remained high in the Group in 2013. According to the survey, three parameters in particular contributed to the high score: collaboration with colleagues, satisfaction with daily tasks, and perception of immediate superiors. The third factor was again especially high (82). This suggests that the Group's managers create a healthy working environment despite the many changes.    

 Employee satisfaction and motivation
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For country results on employee satisfaction and motivation, see CR Fact Book 2013 (PDF 2.95 MB).

Room for improvement
The employees' perception of Danske Bank's image declined three points from the level the year before. The score reflects the negative perception of Danske Bank in the Danish media because of organisational changes. We will persevere in improving it by pursuing our strategy. 

The perception of employee security also fell, probably because of cost-savings measures at the Group and in the financial sector in general. Banks are undergoing adjustments and changes, and we  believe that keeping an open and honest dialogue about how the changes affect the organisation helps employees develop the ability to cope with uncertainties.         

Social capital
In 2011, we started measuring social capital, which is an indicator of fairness, trust and cooperation. Like the employee satisfaction score, the Group's score for social capital in the employee opinion survey was also high: 80.

Read more about social capital.


Last updated on 6 February 2014

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