DVCA Guidelines

While Danske Private Equity is not a member of the Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, Danske Private Equity did at the time of their establishment sponsor the Association’s effort to produce transparency guidelines for the Danish private equity industry.

Strict application of the guidelines to the portfolio managed by Danske Private Equity would not further their purpose of securing wider insight into an industry whose impact on Danish society has deepened considerably in recent years.

Therefore, while exempted from the guidelines, Danske Private Equity has sought, in continuation of its original sponsorship of the guidelines, to comply with them in spirit and to present the information herein in a manner that is both informative and broadly consistent with the principles underpinning the DVCA Guidelines.
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Latest news
Latest news
Danske Private Equity has held a first closing of Danske PEP 2018 which targets EUR 500m of total commitments

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