About us

About us

Founded in 1999 Danske Private Equity is one of Europe’s leading fund-of-funds. Trusted by top tier institutional investors, we are an experienced team of 13 members – 6 investment professionals

Strategy & Strengths

A Proven Investment Strategy

  • ​Specialist in small and mid-market buyout funds in Europe and North America
  • Fund picking – not benchmarking
  • Focus on funds practising active ownership
  • Extensive due diligence process
  • Active involvement through Advisory Boards


  • ​Experienced private equity team, with complimentary and international experience
  • Excellent track record
  • Proven access to leading funds
  • “Strategic Sparring Partner Program”
  • Superior legal, finance and monitoring team

Sparring Partner Program

​One of the unique characteristics of Danske Private Equity is our Sparring Partner Program. This service is a complete offer to our investors for help, advice, dialogue, discussion on all matters of Private Equity. All investors are welcome to use this service at their convenience.


  • ​Advice on overall private equity allocation
  • PE sectors allocation
  • Fundamental PE analysis
  • Comparison of PE and other asset classes

Screening and Deal Sourcing

  • ​Exchange and sharing of deal flow
  • Participation on our screening tours
  • Assisting on arranging screening tours

Investment Review and Decision

  • ​Participate at due diligence meetings with funds
  • Participate in internal DPE discussions
  • Access to our network for reference checks
  • Access to all our analysis and models/tools

Legal Review

  • Legal sparring on different LPA issues
  • Access to legal database

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Sparring on reporting and tax issues
  • Analysis of changes in reporting standards
  • Performance/Benchmark tools and analysis


  • DPE as second opinion on all investments
  • Access to tools
  • Internal training (FM and PEP)
  • Sparring partner in "trouble" after the investment
  • Access to database and literature


​As manager of the Danske PEP funds, DPE is compensated by a combination of a fixed fee and a performance fee, with the fees in the latter category being in the range of 5-10%. Performance fees are earned according to a carried interest model comparable with those used by other private equity funds and funds-of-funds.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Danske PEP funds have been governed by an ethical investment policy since inception. This policy is updated in dialogue with investors as each new Danske PEP fund is established. A review of the conduct of prospective managers forms an integral part of each investment decision. The agreements governing commitments made by Danske PEP funds to portfolio funds seek to oblige managers to incorporate similar reviews in their investment decisions, to monitor portfolio businesses with regard to corporate social responsibility, preferably applying the UN Global Compact, and to exempt Danske PEP funds from investments in particular types of assets, currently military armaments and tobacco.
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Latest news
Latest news
Latest news
Danske Private Equity has held a first closing of Danske PEP 2018 which targets EUR 500m of total commitments

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