Current vacancies

Current vacancies

FX Algo Developer
for Front Office IT
Recruitment Id:20435

We seek a highly experienced Senior Developer to join our FX Algo Trading IT team in Copenhagen. You will have many years of experience building high performance, low latency systems in financial markets and a deep knowledge of the FX business. You will be creative, enthusiastically pushing ideas, inspiring those around you and gaining the respect of stakeholders. We work closely with our business, primarily traders, every day and if you have excellent communication skills and a cool demeanour, you will thrive in this environment.

You will quickly become a key part our small, highly skilled, friendly and nationally diverse team in central Copenhagen coding FX pricing and hedging systems. We work together, primarily in Java, .NET (incl. F#) and Apama EPL. You will feel excited by the opportunities; to drive architectural change and inspire strategy; to change our world using your experience and ingenuity, solving complex problems with simple solutions.

Core skills
- Coding low latency FX systems
- Low latency system Architecture
- Linux optimisation
- FX business
- Communication
- Team player

A little more about us:
Across the FX stack we have a mix of technologies; Apama EPL on the streaming, low latency side with JVM languages where latency is not critical. A containerised C#/F# micro service architecture caters for our post trade system. JS and Java with a Caplin Liberator core forms the basis of our Single Dealer Platform. Internal trading and Sales GUIs are Java based.

We have recently secured funding to take our FX IT architecture to the next level. To this effect we are building a new FX Algo Trading IT team, that will own a brand new collocated connectivity solution (vendor managed), and build bespoke Danske Bank pricing and auto hedging solutions on top, in close collaboration with Quant and Business. The team is collocated with the business on the trading floor.

More tools and infrastructure
Some of what we use right now:

- Monitoring with ElasticSearch, Kibana, Grafana and Icinga2
- CI/CD with Bamboo, GoCD and other CI/CD pipelining tools
- Git in Stash and TFS
- Microservice architectures and development in .NET
- Messaging with RabbitMQ
- Containerization with Docker and orchestration with Swarm, OpenShift and Kubernetes
- Linux environments and automation with bash scripting
- Databases in PostgreSQL, Redis and SQL Server

What will you bring that enriches our world?

To learn more, please contact Steen Retboll, Head of Front Office IT.

Salary: negotiable. Guide: Around 1M DKK p.a. base plus bonus and benefits.

Send application and CV no later than 31.01.2019.

Danske Bank is a Nordic bank with strong local roots and bridges to the rest of the world. For more than 145 years, we have helped people and businesses in the Nordics realise their ambitions. Danske Bank has more than 19,000 employees in 16 countries around the world who serve our 3.4 million personal, business and institutional customers. In addition to banking services, we also offer life insurance and pension, mortgage credit, wealth management, real estate and leasing services.

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