Hvidovre municipality launches MobilePay

Today, Danske Bank, in collaboration with KMD, launches a MobilePay solution for Hvidovre municipality. Residents of Hvidovre will be able to use MobilePay for payment at the swimming pool and ice skating rink, and for passport and driving license payments – and that’s just the beginning.

MobilePay began as a person to person payment solution in May 2013. As the application gained popularity with some 1.6 million users today, the development of a solution for small businesses was a natural next step, and in February 2014 the MobilePay Business app was launched. Since then, solutions for online, android ‘apps’, and the co-operation with Dansk Supermarked have all been important milestones. Today’s launch of a bespoke solution for municipalities means that Danske Bank’s MobilePay solutions can now reach the bank’s largest clients in the public sector too.

“Today’s launch is very exciting for the bank as it is the first of its kind in Denmark. It also means that we have now kicked off developing MobilePay as a payment solution to all client types of the bank ,” explains Mark Wraa-Hansen, Head of MobilePay.

The launch

The MobilePay payment solution created for Hvidovre municipality adds another element to the Transaction Banking suite of solutions Danske Bank provides for them.

“Offering an easy-to-use payment solution for Hvidovre municipality will better service their residents and pave the way for significant improvement in efficiency in Danish municipalities. Significant paperwork and red tape around cash handling can disappear,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen.

This initial project is a collaboration between Danske Bank, Hvidovre and KMD, who are a major IT supplier to the majority of municipalities.

With phase one of the launch today, residents of Hvidovre will be able to use MobilePay to pay at the swimming pool and ice skating rink, and for passport and drivers license orders. In the next phase of developments, KMD will launch a “Resident app” which will use MobilePay as the payment engine. The app will provide the resident with an overview of all financial transactions outstanding with the municipality. At the same time it can be used for easy and fast payment via MobilePay.

The development of the MobilePay app with KMD for Hvidovre is by no means exclusive and Mark Wraa-Hansen sees potential for bringing this payment solution to other municipalities too.


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