Same day payments in Europe

Danske Bank has launched faster transfer of payments, enabling funds to be transferred to the receiver on the same banking day. The change concerns all transactions in EUR from Danske Bank to other banks in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

Danske Bank has introduced same day transfer of funds in EUR within Europe as yet another step towards real-time payments. The aim is to create a more seamless customer experience, supporting businesses around their liquidity management, and adding further to transparency and convenience.

The change implies that

• all SEPA transferred funds will become available on the same banking day
• payments transferred on weekends or public holidays will be available on the next banking day.

Customers do not need to take any actions on their payments, as the change will take place automatically. The cut-off time for same day payments made online or transmitted as files is 14.00 CET.

Payments between Danske Bank customers will continue to be transferred in real time. The change will not have an impact on payments with SALA code which is code for salaries and pensions in SEPA payments.

Timing depends on the geographical markets
Cross-border same day SEPA payments will be available 17 May in Germany and 19 May in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Luxembourg.

In Poland cross-border SEPA payments will be available on 1 June. In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania cross-border SEPA payments will be available on 1 July.

You can find more information on SEPA here.

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