What's the best way to finance your business and its operations? Do you need a line of credit or a bilateral loan for day-to-day expenses? Or perhaps major funding for capital investment, such as a syndicated loan under Debt Issues.

Financing overview

Debt issues

We offer a full range of debt capital markets products, including syndicated loans, securitisation and corporate bonds.

Financial strategy

We can help you plan the optimal strategy to guide all your company's financing decisions.

Bilateral loans

Get flexible terms for either short-term or medium-term loans.

Working capital financing

You can finance your business's operations with a line of credit or consider invoice finance.

Capex financing

Bank loans, mortgage loans and leasing are all good options for financing capital equipment expenditures.


Cost savings and convenience are just two advantages of leasing operating equipment.

Danske Bank Group

The Danske Bank Group is a leading northern European financial services organisation with about 5 million retail customers and a large share of corporate and institutional customers.

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Danske Bank Group
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