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Create your own Customised FX Trading Platform

Danske Bank is Scandinavia’s no. 1 FX bank. Now we’d like to introduce Danske OneTrader, our browser-based full service FX trading platform. Fully customisable, OneTrader’s features cover everything from in-depth pre-trade market analysis to top post-trade functionality.

OneTrader also offers the user market information, a daily market overview, analysis and research to support vital decision making. OneTrader’s state-of-the-art technology delivers benefits like:

  • A browser-based platform that gives you the possibility to
    log on anywhere
  • A fully customisable workspace that can be tailored to your individual needs and preferences
  • Advanced FX trading capabilities
  • Easy access to news and market research
  • Single sign-on via Danske Bank Business Online

Market Insights

Get Access to Superior Market Insights

Customise your OneTrader workspace to give you the market information you need. Get instant direct access to areas like financial news, market research, forecasts and updates.

  • Global and Scandinavian news feed from Thomson Reuters
  • Easy access to Danske Bank’s research and forecasts on topics such as FX, Macro Economy and Fixed Income
  • Fully customisable workspace to meet your precise needs

Analytical Insights

A Solid Base for Business-Critical Decisions

OneTrader provides highly effective tools that allow you to analyse the market with exceptional efficiency. These include:

  • Customisable cross-asset watchlists with access to a wide range of asset prices, indices and benchmark rates
  • Simple yet sophisticated chart configurator
  • Technical analysis tools for trend analysis


FX Trading

Design your very own

​OneTrader offers advanced FX trading functionality in a modern and user-friendly interface. The workspace is fully customisable to match your needs and preferences. Functionalities include:

  • Trade Spot, Forward and Swap on streaming prices
  • 1-click execution through Fast Trade
  • Price ladders for overview and trading
  • Easy execution and netting via Block Trading
  • Place Limit Orders for intraday and overnight monitoring



Easy Access to Post-Trade Services

OneTrader enables you to easily carry out all the post-trade actions you need in order to stay on top of your game. OneTrader post-trade features include:

  • View all FX trades executed with Danske Bank in the Trade Blotter
  • Historic trade blotter with flexible filter functionality
  • Export trade details to Excel
  • Direct link to Position Overview and post-trade actions such as change settlement instructions, settle before maturity, and extend trades

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How can my company get access to OneTrader?
Please use the link above to contact our eTrade team or contact your sales representative
Will I have to pay a fee to use OneTrader?
No, OneTrader is free of charge
Can private people get access to OneTrader?
No, OneTrader is for corporates and institutions only
Can my company get OneTrader if we use Danske Banks Markets Online today?
Yes, it is possible to run OneTrader and Markets Online simultaneously
If I am a user on Markets Online, do I need to sign a new agreement to access OneTrader?
Yes, you need to sign a new agreement , but you don’t need a new eSafeID
If I am a user on Danske Trader, do I need to sign a new agreement to access OneTrader?
Yes, you need to sign a new agreement. You also need an eSafeID to logon to OneTrader
If I am logged on to Business Online do I have to log on again to access OneTrader?
No, there is a direct link between Business Online and OneTrader
What browsers does OneTrader support?
OneTrader supports the current and prior major releases of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer on a rolling basis
Can my company trade other asset classes than FX on OneTrader?
No, the trading functionality on OneTrader is for FX only

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