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Danske Bank is the leading custodian in the Danish and a challenger in the other Nordic Markets.

At December 2011, assets under custody totalled USD 435 bn.

Integrated securities and cash services from front- to back-office Danske Bank Markets offers securities trading via direct access to all Nordic markets, and also to the Baltic markets. Nordic securities are automatically transferred to the clients custody account.

As a market maker or primary dealer in DKK, EUR, NOK and SEK we offer our Nordic custody clients optimised trading and settlement of Nordic currencies.

Excess cash can be transferred automatically to the clients main nostro account and from the nostro account to cover debit balances. Alternatively, positions may be kept overnight in separate accounts and benefit from market-indexed interest rates in all Nordic currencies.​​

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Transaction Banking, Custody
Holmens Kanal 2-12
DK-1092 Copenhagen K

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Our services are:
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  • Custody & Settlement
  • Income Collection
  • Corporate Actions
  • Proxy Voting
  • Tax Reduction
  • Clearing for Remote Members
  • Securities Lending
  • MIS Reporting
  • Fact Sheets on products and markets
  • News Service

All core services are based on ISO 15022 SWIFT messages to and from our main BIC address; DABADKKK. Formats are standardised across all markets, and multi-listed or domestic securities are easily settled market place (PSET) in Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden (VPDKDKKK, APKEFIHH, VPSNNOKK or VPCSSESS)

Nordic securities can be deposited in one custody account or in separate accounts, according to your request. All operating procedures and terms and conditions are specified in a standard Service Level Agreement covering any or all of the Nordic Markets.

Client Servicing
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Our settlement account managers look after our client's needs on a day-to-day basis and are supported by our Client Relations account managers who, through ongoing dialogue, regular visits and reviews, will ensure that our services are adapted to changing needs. Also they will keep you updated on service improvements and market developments.

Our aim is to know your business and suggest services and solutions that will enable you to continue to offer top-quality services to your clients.



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Danske Bank Group
Holmens Kanal 2-12 1092 Copenhagen K

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