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Danske Bank Collection Service supports Direct Debit initiation and invoicing in a range of formats. Collection Service supports the Direct Debit solutions in the countries where Danske Bank is represented and invoicing all over the world.

If you are new to SEPA Direct Debit:

Swedish BGC formats are available at the BGC website, links in the table next to the relevant formats.

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Collection Service

​Message Name ​Comma separated ​EDIFACT ​SWIFT ​XML
​Debtor amendment COLDEBMOD
​Request for deletion COLDELETE

Status messages 
​ Message Name ​Comma separated EDIFACT SWIFT XML
​Debtor list COLDEBITOR
Incoming payments CRECSF CREMUL MT940

Status reports may contain the status codes and abbreviations shown in this downloadable code list.

To learn how to integrate Collection Service in your systems, download the Implementation Guide. 
To learn how to integrate OIOUBL in your systems, please go to this instruction (in Danish).

SEPA Direct Debit

​ Message Name ​Message Implementation Guide ​Examples
Direct Debit Initiation

Initiation as per 20 November 2017.pdfInitiation

Direct Debit Cancellation Cancellation

Status messages
​Message Name ​Message Implementation Guide ​Examples
​Direct Debit Status Status
​Direct Debit Acknowledgement Acknowledgement

To learn how to integrate SEPA Direct Debit in your systems, download theImplementation Guide Nov2017.pdfImplementation Guide 

Other standards

​Message Name ​Message Implementation Guide ​Examples
Danish joint inpayment forms FIK_standard FIK71
FIK_standard FIK73 75
Inpayments with advice​ Inpayments with advice Example
Swedish Bankgirot Autogiro Autogiro (BGC) 
Federation of Finnish Financial
Services E-invoice
Finvoice (FFI)



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