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Card formats allow you to reconcile your card transactions. If you are implementing new functionality we recommend you use either Danske Bank record layout in version 2 or the SAP format. Travel Account data is transmitted directly from NETS and only available in Denmark.

Markets formats allow you to get the latest exchange rates and a list of the securities in your portfolio. The exchange rates files listed are based on rates set by the Central Bank in the country listed. 

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​Message Name ​Message Implementation Guide ​Examples
​MasterCard Corporate Card Danske Bank record layout v.2 Example
SAP record layout Example
​MasterCard Corporate Card
Travel Account (only DK)
Travel Account record layout Example billed
Example non-billed


​Message Name ​​Message Implementation Guide ​​Examples
Exchange rates DKK Exchange rates DKK Example CSV
Example Fixed
​​​Exchange rates SEK Exchange rates SEK
Exchange rates NOK Exchange rates NOK
​Currency cross rates with
optional counter currency
Cross rates Example CSV
Example Fixed
​Statement of contents VPD shares and bonds Example


​Message Name ​Message Implementation Guide ​Examples
​Corporate Reporting
Transaction Volume Report
​Corporate Reporting
Bankgiro Statistics
BGCVOL Example
​Corporate Reporting
FEE Global Service Code Report
FEEGSC Example


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