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Collection Service is an electronic system that enables your company to manage collections by communicating with only one service provider – Danske Bank – instead of a different service provider in each country. This entails certain technical requirements and agreements.



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To a certain extent, you can choose what information will appear on the invoice.

The invoice contains information that makes it easy for the debtor to make the payment with the correct reference. You can influence how the invoice looks by adding information about your company, including the company logo.

All collections are assigned a unique reference that your company itself generates and that your customers can indicate on their payments. The individual payments can thus be identified easily.

The Nordic region
In the Nordic region, invoices must have either an OCR reference or an account number. You can also use the invoice as an advice together with direct debit.

Retail customers in Norway and Sweden will be able to see your invoice in eBanking if you choose to send it by electronic bill presentment. A similar solution will soon be available for business customers.

In Denmark, electronic invoicing for both public organisations and private businesses is on the rise. Collection Service includes the Danish formats for sending electronic invoices.

See a sample local Nordic invoice (PDF 108 KB)

Outside the Nordic region
In the rest of the world, your company's customers will receive an invoice showing the BIC/SWIFT address and your international bank account number (IBAN).

In Poland, Germany, the UK and the Republic of Ireland, you also can collect payments through a local direct debit solution.

See a sample invoice in English (PDF 90 KB)





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