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The Danske Bank Group is a international company with activities in many countries. The Group's funding strategy reflects this, as we are active in issuing bonds and other debt instruments on the international financial markets.

The Group is active on many funding markets with a wide variety of bond programmes - for example, short-dated commercial paper and covered bonds with long maturity. Much of the Group's lending consists of Danish mortgage loans that are financed by mortgage bonds issued by Realkredit Danmark.

The international capital markets also play an important role in the Group's capital management, which includes raising various types of subordinated debt.

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Mortgage finance activities
Realkredit Danmark's activities are funded by the issuance of mortgage bonds. You can read about the bonds at Realkredit Danmark's website.

Last updated on 22 July 2015

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Capital Requirement Directive
The Capital Requirements Directive is an EU directive regulating the capital adequacy of banks and financial institutions. Find out how it affects Danske Bank.

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