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Danske Bank has programmes that help to diversify the Group's funding sources. Some of the most widely used programmes are described below.

Structured note programme
Danske Bank has established a structured note programme. The programme is mainly used for issuing medium- and long-term structured notes to retail customers. At present the total limit for the programme is EUR 5 billion.

Read the structured Note Prospectus 

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As part of the programme, the following supplements have been published:

Read the prospectus supplement no. 1 

Read the prospectus supplement no. 2 

Read the prospectus supplement no. 3 

Read the prospectus supplement no. 4 

Read the prospectus supplement no. 

Warrants and Certificates Programme
Danske Bank has established a Warrants and Certificates Programme. The programme is used mainly for issuing structured warrants and structured certificates to various customers. At present, the total limit for the programme is EUR5bn. Investing in warrants and certificates involves a high degree of risk, including the risk of losing the entire invested amount.

Read the programme

Read the summary in Finnish 

Read the summary in Danish 

Read the summary in Swedish 


 As part of the programme, the following supplements have been published:

Supplement no. 1 

Supplement no. 2 

Supplement no. 3

Supplement no. 4

Supplement no. 5 

Supplement no. 6  

Realkredit Danmark

Realkredit Danmark became part of the Danske Bank Group in 2001. Realkredit Danmark is a Danish mortgage credit institution who sole purpose is to offer mortgage loans to personal and business customers for the financing of real property based on the issue of covered bond. Until 2007, Realkredit Danmark issued mortgage bonds that today qualify as covered bonds. The issuance takes place daily, with full collateral from the mortgaged property. Today Realkredit Danmark issues a wide range of bonds that vary in maturity, repayament profile, convertibility, currency and other parameters.

Link to Realkredit Danmark

Danske Bank plc
Since 2005, Danske Bank plc has issued covered bonds through a subsidiary Sampo Housing Loan Bank plc. On 31 December 2011, Sampo Housing loan Bank plc merged with Sampo Bank plc and on 15 November 2012 Sampo Bank plc was renamed Danske Bank plc.

In accordance with Finnish law, Danske Bank plc issues covered bonds and senior unsecured debt based on a Euro Medium Term Note and Covered Bond Programme. The current limit on the programme is EUR 10 billion.

 Read about Danske Bank plc's prospectus


Old Structured Notes Prospectuses
​​Read the equity-, commodity- and index-linked here (2.7 MB)
Read the interest- and credit-linked here (2.5 MB)

Last updated on 13 May2015

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