Public authorities

Danmarks Nationalbank
Danmarks Nationalbank is Denmark’s central bank. Its objective is to maintain a stable and well-functioning financial system in Denmark.

The Danish Folketing
The Folketing is the Danish parliament, which enacts all Danish law.

Danish Ministry of Finance
The general objective of the Ministry of Finance is to give the Minister for Finance and the government the best possible foundation for sound economic policy.

Danish Ministry of Business and Growth
Ministry of Business and Growth seeks to improve the conditions for growth in Denmark. The Ministry conducts thorough economic analyses and suggests policy initiatives in areas imperative to economic growth. They are responsible for a number of policy areas which are important for the general business environment, including business regulation, Intellectual Property Rights, competition policy, the financial sector, the construction sector and shipping.

Danish Ministry of Taxation
The Ministry of Taxation consists of three units: the Department, which attends to legislation and related matters; the Central Customs and Tax Administration, which manages operations; and the National Tax Tribunal, which processes appeals.

Danish Financial Supervisory Authority
The FSA supervises financial services companies and the securities market. Two of its main purposes are to contribute to the formulation of financial legislation and to issue executive orders.

The European Union
The EU’s member states delegate authority to joint institutions that represent the Union’s shared interests.

European Parliament
Like national parliaments, the EU Parliament has fundamental responsibilities in three areas: legislation, budget and supervision. The Parliament plays an increasingly important political role in the EU.

European Council
The European Council consists of the heads of government of the 27 member states as well as the chairman of the European Commission. It should not be confused with the Council of Europe (which is an international organisation) or the Council of the European Union.

EU Commission
The Commission sets forth EU policy initiatives and expresses the EU’s common interests. It manages various policies and negotiates international trade and collaborative agreements.

Bank of International Settlements
The BIS is an international organisation that functions as a bank for the various national central banks and pursues co-operative measures in monetary and fiscal matters.

Last updated on 1 November 2013

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