Issue invoices online

Do your invoicing electronically and save on postage and paper.

If you cannot issue e-Invoices, you can issue the invoices online via Supplier Workflow.

Supplier Workflow online invoices

Danish and Norwegian suppliers may invoice Danske Bank in Denmark and Norway as well as Realkredit Danmark through Supplier Workflow.

When you have registered as an online invoice issuer under Danske Bank’s Supplier Workflow agreement, we will pay the invoice costs to HighJump Software, our business partner behind Supplier Workflow.

Log on and issue online invoices - we will pay the costs
Go to the HighJump Software website, log on to the system and issue online invoices (choose English from the dropdown list in the top menu).

Log on and issue online invoices

You get an all-in-one web application for digital invoicing with high security standards. The system ensures high transparency and good tracking opportunities throughout the entire sales process.

The most important functions

  • Easy access to invoicing via a web browser
  • Electronic issuance of invoices and credit notes to Danske Bank
  • Electronic issuance of invoice reminders
  • Statistics on your invoicing history with Danske Bank

Set up as a new supplier or register under Danske Bank's agreement
Create a Supplier Workflow account on the HighJump Software website to issue online invoices to Danske Bank. If your company is already using Supplier Workflow, simply register as a user under Danske Bank’s agreement.

Note that you cannot use Supplier Workflow on Mac computers.

Quickguide to Supplier Workflow online invoices

Quickguide to online invoicing for Danske Bank, Denmark
Quickguide to online invoicing for Realkredit Danmark



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