Coronavirus updates

​In Danske Bank we want to protect and support our customers, employees and external partners, so we have therefore enforced a number of initiatives in the situation of Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Danske Bank is advancing payments to suppliers
Danske Bank will move payments forward to suppliers with a minimum of two weeks to help increase liquidity for businesses in the light of current coronavirus situation.
Danske Bank will generally pay suppliers at least two weeks earlier than mandated by existing terms of payment. This will speed up transfers of liquidity from the bank to its suppliers.
”As a bank, we know that many businesses currently need all the liquidity they can get. So we want to support our suppliers by paying them at the earliest possible moment, while we are in this extraordinary situation”, says Jacob Aarup-Andersen, member of the Executive Leadership Team and head of banking activities in Denmark.
Early payments are in effect from 1 April 2020, and will result in early payment of hundreds of million DKK in total for several thousand suppliers across the countries that Danske Bank is in.  
Under the standard terms of payment, Danske Bank has a 30-day period before payments are due. It is this standard that the bank will now deviate from due to the current extraordinary situation.
Danske Bank group level instructions
Following the rapid spread of coronavirus and local authorities’ reaction to the situation, it has been decided that the vast majority of employees in Denmark, Norway, Lithuania and India will work from home. The same request applies to external consultants working or requiring access to Danske Bank premises. We continue to monitor the situation and response from local authorities in all the countries we operate in.
If you have any of your employees or subcontractors that are showing potential coronavirus symptoms such as a fever, headache or cough, or have travelled or had a layover, in the past 14 days, from or to country defined as high risk by our local authorities, they are not allowed to enter Danske Bank premises for a period of 14 days after last exposure in a high risk area or until full recovery. In case a member of your employee's immediate household has travelled to one of the areas in the past 14 days, the employee is also asked not to enter our sites for 14 days from the time the person returned.
Find the latest recommendations by local authorities in the following links:
Actions for Danske Bank suppliers
We also request suppliers to immediately inform any identified risk affecting the business continuity of critical services during the Coronavirus pandemic. It will allow us to work together to find alternatives and action plans. Use the normal communication channels such as the contract manager or the category manager to communicate these risks or send the e-mail to
We are encouraging meetings, using Skype for Business
Majority of Danske Bank employees is working from home and there is a high need for virtual collaboration. However, only approved tools, like Skype for Business can be used for virtual meetings and collaboration with Danske Bank employees.
Please be aware that such applications as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Zoom pose a risk and are not authorised, therefore they are blocked on all Danske Bank official devices.
Information is updated on 23 April 2020


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