Danske Bank Group Travel Directive, Supplier version

If you plan travelling, the following Travel Directive should be applied in all cases.

Virtual meetings, e.g. Skype and TelePresence meetings should be used whenever possible and relevant. Therefore, consider carefully any of the above meeting facilities instead of travelling. This would both be more environmentally friendly and less costly.

Group-wide Directive

Danske Bank Travel Directive applies to all employees and all entities of the Group. The Directive governs any travel, i.e. business, education and entertainment, no matter if the Group covers the costs completely or in part.

Suppliers who travel on behalf of Danske Bank Group must also comply with this Directive. See below guidance on how to book.
How to comply with the Directive

When booking your ticket, please follow the general principles:

• Travel needs approval. The supplier is responsible for having his/her journey approved by the business owner of Danske Bank.

• Book through Danske Bank Travel Online or through the Group’s appointed TMC (Travel Agency) (see section Specific Guidelines for Suppliers below).
• Use train and bus to and from airports. In most cases, train and buses represent the most convenient and cost efficient alternative.
• Book lowest airline fares. Use low-cost carriers if they cover your destination. Book restricted economy if available. Business class is not allowed.
• Book airlines early. The sooner you book your ticket, the lower the rate is.
• Book lowest hotel rates available, while considering reasonable requirements, e.g. hotel costs plus the costs of transportation. 
• Taxis – use common sense. Bear in mind the additional costs for the Group, as well as the environment when taking a taxi. Always consider whether use of public transport or car rental is more economic.
• Car rental. If car rental is considered the choice of car size must regard price, safety, number of passengers and luggage.
• Travel by train if it is more cost efficient than air travel, and does not prolong your trip significantly (2 hours). Standard/second class is the rule, first class travelling can be justified under special circumstances.
 Bonus points earned on business trips should, whenever possible, be used for business trips and/or upgrades.
• Cash compensation must be returned to the Group in case of flight delays, cancellations and denied boarding due to overbooking.
• Safety – arrange with minimal risk to yourself and to Danske Bank Group.
Specific guidelines for suppliers

Suppliers must book their travel arrangements themselves and comply with the above Directive. The responsible Danske Bank contact person must approve the cost of travel.

Suppliers can book as Danske Bank Guests through:


American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT), Team Danske Bank, Copenhagen.
Contact details:
The responsible Danske Bank person (the owner of the business with the specific supplier) must approve the travel booking and the price.
1. Send the booking request to the above email address by forwarding the email with the approval from the Danske Bank responsible person.
2. Inform that you are a supplier/guest to Danske Bank
3. Send the travel request by email with a copy to the Danske Bank responsible person
4. Payment can be either
- by supplier's credit card (signing a signature on file form)
- invoice to Danske Bank if this has been agreed in advance. The email must then include cost center details (B-number of the DB-person, reg. number and account number/reason for travel)

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