Warehouse delivery terms

The text below offers practical delivery information, including our requirements for delivery notes, boxes, pallets and packaging. You can also learn what we do if packaging or products are defective or incomplete. Note that the terms and conditions apply to yourself and any subcontractors.

Delivery information
As a supplier, you must attach a delivery note to all articles that you deliver to our warehouse, and you must meet our requirements for packaging and so on.

A delivery note must contain the following details:

• Supplier’s name 
• Purchase order number
• Product code (Danske Bank’s)
• Product name/description
• Buyer/contact at Danske Bank

Requirements for packaging, boxes, labels and pallets
Danske Bank has a number of requirements for packaging, boxes, labels and pallets. The requirements are stated on the purchase order and may vary depending on the product in question. If you do not meet the requirements, we reserve the right to refuse to accept the delivery.

Defective or short delivery of articles
If packaging or articles delivered are defective or you have delivered an incorrect number of articles, we reserve the right to ask you to take remedial action.


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